Quik E-Discovery Software

Quik makes simple what other e-discovery software struggles to do. Providing a more accessible, easy to learn and affordable e-discovery platform that scales to fit all size matters, big and small.

Control the process

Become your own project manager and let Quik do the work. No more waiting on project manager teams to get your case started. Upload pst’s and over 100 supported file types through our intuitive processing interface and get to work faster.

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Quik Email Thread Analyzer

Reduce your email threading and thread suppression technology. By grouping related emails together into threads and suppressing redundant messages, you can reduce the time and cost of reviewing large volumes of emails. Quik enables you to quickly identify key messages, track conversations, and understand the context of communications, ultimately helping you make better-informed decisions.

Quik Communications Analyzer

Rapidly explore communications in large volumes of data using Quik’s communication analyzer. Easily find highly relevant custodians, time lines and communications through easy to use visualizations, helping your team isolate and deprioritize low value data for document review.

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Discover relevant data in Quik Search

  • Automatically tag potentially privileged and PII records
  • Quickly identify relevant records with advanced search and auto-saved searches
  • Automatically prioritize most responsive data
  • Easily remove non-responsive data before review
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Get to the most relevant documents quickly

Quik accelerates the review of all sized matters. Your cases can range from 1GB to 1,000+ GBs and you need a simple way to manage a defensible and repeatable process to your document review. Quik allows all levels of staff an easy way to efficiently manage the entire review process from batching to linear review.

  • Automated document batching
  • Mass tagging and coding
  • Redact as you go
  • Prepare for depositions with easily created witness binders
  • Efficiently work with experts
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Quik Productions

Disclosures for UK\EU

Production-ready (or “Disclosure-ready) documents are easily prepared with a simple drag & drop function. Create and cross-check each volume with ease and precision. Extensive hours learning and training a team are no longer a concern. If the user can operate a mouse, they can create productions. Built-in verifiable sharing preferences provide an efficient way to produce to outside parties in the system, eliminating extraneous back-and-forth traffic.

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Cube design - The Quik Difference

The Quik Difference

We built the e-discovery platform we wanted to use. One that's fast, efficient and intuitive - without the headaches that come with other solutions.

  • No user fees
  • SaaS or On-prem
  • Transparent pricing
  • All tech included
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Cube design - The Quik Difference

The Quik Difference - is in the technology and experience


When we say everything is included, we mean everything

  • Unlimited Users
  • All Administrative features
  • Unlimited productions
  • Full processing
  • File conversions

Have confidence in the cost of your e-discovery process month to month and year to year


Flexible and scalable solutions for any size organization

  • Quik accommodates your existing infrastructure
  • SaaS or On-Prem - Work on our cloud or yours
  • MS SQL or Postgres database options


Technology enabled efficiency keeps focus on the case and not training

  • Reduce time spent searching and reviewing documents
  • Don’t just meet production deadlines beat them
  • Control all of the data not just what is promoted for review

Quik Tech Makes a Difference:

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Quik Automated Workflows

Quik automated workflows keep you focused on the case and not learning e-discovery technology

Quik Process

Drag and Drop in to Quik to automatically process.

  • Extract all metadata and text
  • OCR all image files
  • Converts to PDF/TIFF
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Quik Search

Discover relevant data in Quick Search.

  • Automatically tag potentially privileged and PII records
  • Advance search, auto saved searches
  • Automatically prioritize most responsive data
  • Eliminate non-responsive data
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Quik Review

  • Custom coding panels
  • Automated review batching
  • Accelerate review with hot keys to move quickly through relevant items
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Quik Produce

  • Drag & Drop to create production sets
  • Automatically create industry standard load files, without training
  • PDF, Native and TIFF productions
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We have designed the product to be simpler to use than competitors

But still with all the advanced functionality they require