Quik E-Discovery

Quick, powerful and end-to-end E-Discovery software for service providers, law firms and corporations for all size matters.

Key Benefits

Quick to learn

Quik is accessible to all. Partner and user training is quick and easy no matter your level of sophistication with other E-Discovery systems. Learn in hours versus days or months. No need for certified administrators or other experts to get you up and running and using the platform.

Quick ECA and internal investigations

Get to the important data faster for more informed decisions with robust search tools and advanced analytics, including visualizations, communication analysis and concept clusters.

Everything included

Unlimited users, full processing, file conversions, analytics, AI assisted review, review workflow, site administration and unlimited productions. No a la carte costly add-ons or clunky bolt-on tools.

AI Insights

Quik’s portable predictive models for document prioritization let you operationalize E-Discovery analysis and review across cases, saving valuable time and costs.

Flexible deployment and scalability

Deploy Quik based on your IT environment and preferences – on-premise, OnDemand or in the cloud of your choice. Quickly scale up based on matter volumes and business needs.

Configurable based on your needs

Whether your work or deadlines necessitate ease of use with simple drag-and-drop functionality to easily and quickly deliver client service, or you require a more full-service approach, Quik is configurable to meet the needs of your business.

Features To Power Your Practice

Quik automated workflows keep you focused on the case and not learning E-Discovery technology

Quickly upload and fully process files with a simple drag-and-drop

Process PSTs and 100+ file types through Quik’s intuitive processing interface and get to work quickly–for all sizes of matters, with full support for multi-language OCR, indexing and search. Automate OCR and conversion to PDF.

  • 100% automated processing
  • Detailed exception reporting
  • Converts 100+ file types to PDF/TIFF
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Quickly review and analyze short message data

Upload, process and view short message format files, directly imported and rendered in Quik’s document viewer as threaded conversations–just like the original mobile data and IM. Quik also supports Slack, Apple iMessage, ITunes, Android SMS, Whatsapp and Microsoft Teams messages.

  • Convert with Quik or Import RSMF
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Quickly narrow your data set with powerful search capabilities

Automatically tag potentially privileged and PII records, quickly identify relevant records with advanced search and auto-saved searches, automatically prioritize most responsive data and easily remove non-responsive data before review.

  • Powerful full-text syntax with Boolean, stemming, proximity and fuzzy searches
  • Automated multi-language OCR support
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Quik Email Thread Analyzer

Quickly identify key messages, track conversations, and understand the context of communications to help you make better-informed decisions. By grouping related emails together into threads and suppressing redundant messages, Quik reduces the time and cost of reviewing large volumes of emails.

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Quik Communications Analyzer

Rapidly explore communications in large volumes of data using Quik’s communication analyzer. Easily find highly relevant custodians, time lines and communications through easy to use visualizations, helping your team isolate and deprioritize low value data for document review.

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Quik Concept Clusters

Get a deeper analysis of semantic context of words and phrases within document sets, color coded to provide a legend of likely responsive, non-responsive and privileged data.

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Quick AI-Assisted Review

Minimize review and maximize effectiveness with reuse of human knowledge across cases. Quik’s AI-Assisted Review continuous learning prioritizes your review by scoring the most relevant items and bringing them to the front of review. The system learns as you go to create reusable portable models, AI models pre-trained on data from one or more prior matters or related datasets that you can apply to another. Each model is siloed within the client matter site, reducing security and data privacy risks.

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Efficient Review Workflows

Quik accelerates the review of all sized matters and languages, from automated batching to linear review. Easily organize your documents. Tag, code and redact en masse as you go, with flexible coding templates simplify review workflows. Prepare for depositions with easily created witness binders.

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Auto-identification and redaction

Customize regular expressions (RegEx) and match patterns to quickly identify PII and other sensitive information to apply custom redactions. Quik’s QC process allows users to review and approve all suggested redactions before they are automatically applied. sets and approves prior to running automation.

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Quik Productions

Prepare production-ready (or Disclosure-ready) documents with a simple drag-and-drop function. Create and cross-check each volume with ease and precision. Built-in verifiable sharing preferences provide an efficient way to produce to outside parties in the system, eliminating extraneous back-and-forth traffic

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What Our Clients Say

Fenwick & West LLP

Quik uniquely laser-focuses on the needs of legal professionals as the only VDR platform of its kind.
With more than 10,000 projects and over 20,000 users under its belt, the QuikData platform equips our Practice Support team with the essential tools to manage our practice groups' technology needs securely and cost-effectively.

Celeste Baker
Founder & CEO, Pure Data Discovery

Quik is a easy-to-use, but sophisticated platform, for legal teams that want to take control of their E-Discovery. I really enjoy the user-friendly interface with innovative features and collaborative access from anywhere. With over 100 matters in QuikData, our firm considers QuikData a one-stop, flexible E-Discovery solution that not only simplifies complex legal work but also reduces costs.

Beverly Linkhart
Supervising Paralegal,
Kennedy & Souza APC

No other E-Discovery platform is easier to use. QuikData empowers our paralegals with the tools they need to more efficiently manage their E-Discovery challenges.