QuikData Pricing

Just like everything else at QuikData, pricing is easy to understand and affordable. Flexible pricing models for all types of e-discovery consumers.

Flexible Licensing Options

On-demand SaaS, On-premises and Cloud options for any-size law firm, services provider or in-house legal.

Huge Cost Savings

Discounts start at the first GB. We’re not like other platforms who only take large cases and give discounts based on volume. We’re just affordable.

24/7 Global Support

QuikData’s team of industry experts will help you deliver results Quik so that you meet all of your deadlines and obligations.

QuikData E-Discovery Platform

Start and finish e-discovery in one secure platform

  • On-demand SaaS
  • On-premises
  • Managed cloud

QuikData Legal SharePoint Replacement

Ask about QuikData’s secure file share which seamlessly integrates with our e-discovery platform.

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